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Corporate Reputation Assessment

A realistic and honest appraisal of your company's current position in relation to your competitors and trends within your industry. As a result, key short and medium term issues and potential reputation hazards can be identified and dealt with effectively.

  • Overall Industry analysis
  • Corporate reputation strength and weakness analysis
  • Identification of key issues
  • Reputation Radar Report

Corporate Communication Strategies

An effective Corporate Communications Strategy must be aligned with your company's business objectives and deliver meaningful, measurable results.

  • Agreement on desired outcomes
  • Communication plan development
  • Detailed implementation strategy
  • Benchmarking
  • Annual review

Communication Services

Rubicon Point undertake the management of the entire communication process - supplying words, design and production for both on line and in print communications. We concentrate on developing effective working relationships with relevant journalists on a one-on-one basis and usually only undertake mass media liaison when this is required to ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements.

  • Copywriting
  • Design and production management
  • Media relations strategy development and implementation
  • One-on-one media liaison

In-company Communication

Every employee and key supplier - not just customer-facing employees - needs to understand and support your company values and mission statement, encouraging a high level of team performance and shared responsibility for the quality of your product.

  • Corporate values workshops
  • Corporate mission statement
  • Staff & supplier workshops
  • Effective Internal communications

Client Communications

There is no point in adopting lofty mission statements and company values unless your company is prepared to live them and is able to communicate them to your clients in a credible manner.

  • Client communication strategy
  • Newsletters
  • Webinars and Blogs

Pro-active Reputation Management

Our work in reputation management is based on two principles. The first is that reputation damage is easier to avoid than repair. The second is that once reputation damage has occurred, there is no quick fix. Re-establishing a corporate reputation is an ongoing process.

  • Reputation risk monitoring
  • Reputation rehabilitation
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