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After studying Law, for several years Toni worked in a number of the technical areas of the Australian Taxation Office. One of her projects during this time included introducing substantial changes to superannuation tax to the public, a major education and communication project. She then moved into public relations, working for a well-known consultancy, and gained a thorough grounding through working on major national accounts.

In 1992 she formed her own firm. Since then she has worked with many of the world's market leaders in the financial services, banking, property, legal and accounting sectors. Toni is personally involved in the strategic development and delivery of key communications initiatives for every Rubicon Point client.

Rubicon Point: Small. Specialist. Effective.

One of our key business objectives is to ensure that our clients cut through the clutter of the news media and the Internet to ensure they are not overlooked or forgotten by their customers and potential customers. To achieve this we offer focussed communication strategies executed effectively through a range of channels, including bespoke direct communications with your clients and one-on-one relationships with individual journalists who influence your audiences.

Because corporate reputation is at the heart of the value of all companies and brands, and often the most vulnerable of all corporate assets, Rubicon Point has made a special study of corporate reputation enhancement and rehabilitation.

The company was founded around 20 years ago and currently handles corporate affairs and reputation management on behalf of Snowball Group Limited (listed financial services company), Bank of Papua New Guinea, (the central bank of PNG), F B Rice & Co (leading firm of patent & trade mark attorneys), Vivat®, (a specialist corporate learning provider) and Nambawan Super (PNG's largest superannuation fund).

We do not accept clients in the mass market/packaged goods area, but welcome approaches from potential clients in the heavy manufacturing, mining, legal, accounting and property development sectors.

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